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  • Welcome to the Official Website of EUEC!

    Here at EUEC we aim to cater to as many different equestrian interests as possible! From show jumping to dressage to relaxing outdoor hacks, we hope that anyone with an interest in riding horses can find something in our club that suits them. If you want to get involved with EUEC, please join us at our upcoming events!

  • Do you enjoy competing and riding different types of horses over show jumps and in dressage tests?


    If so, then our competition teams may be for you! If you feel that you can jump 1m and ride a novice dressage test confidently on lots of different horses then consider applying for our BUCS teams. For more information about teams, click on the left hand menu page.

    Do you want to improve your riding skills in dressage and jumping with experienced and qualified instructors?


    We offer lots of lessons throughout the week for every type of rider, from those who have never ridden before to those at an advanced level in dressage and show jumping. For more information about our lessons program, click on the left hand menu page.

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    Our social media accounts are always abuzz with our horsey activities and adventures!

    Snapchat: euec1

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    Twitter: @euec2

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