• Equine and Social Events Calendar

    This page has every important date you need know for your social calendar, as well as what kind of socials, both horsey and human, we offer at EUEC!

  • Important Upcoming Dates

    All the important dates you will need if you are interested in getting involved with EUEC!

    EUEC Annual General Meeting

    14th March 2019, 6pm

    @ Appleton Tower Lecture Theatre 3

    Welcome to our 2019 Annual General Meeting!
    This year we will be having an evening to look back on this year, celebrate our successes with some awards, and elect next year's committee! We will then be going on to dinner and drinks to round off the evening at 56 North :)

    EUEC Pub Night


    @ TBC
    An excellent way to catch up with all your horsey friends.
    New members are especially welcome! It will be a great opportunity to meet all of the committee members and fellow equestrians.
    So save the date for a fun, relaxed and horse-filled night!



    @ Tower Farm Riding Stables

    Ever wanted to ride in the beautiful countryside around Edinburgh? Now you can! We will have a slower paced group for Novice riders and a fast paced group for Advanced riders (to go on the advanced hack you must be comfortable in canter).

  • Equine Socials and Events

    At EUEC we like to offer a range of events and socials which cater to the adventurous rider who would like to take part in different and exciting horsey activities. Scroll through some of the options we have on offer for the equine socialite!

  • Relaxing Beach Rides

    We offer beach rides, accessible to all members at every level! They are the perfect way to relax and enjoy the fresh air after a hard week in the library!

    Stunt and Vaulting Day

    For the adventurous EUEC members we like to organise stunt riding and vaulting lessons (let us know if you'd like us to organise some).

    Weekend Hacking

    We offer our members a selection of hacking options on the weekends, for those who want to ride outside as well as inside the school! Join our mailing list to find out more!

    Professional Clinics

    We try and offer our members as many opportunities as possible to participate in or audit local professionals' events, such as Ian Stark's clinics in nearby Selkirk.

  • Socials, Hangouts, Parties and Club Nights

    Come join us for all types of socials, from relaxing at the pub after a ride to clubbing all night!

  • Sports Ball

    Every year the social event that everyone in EUEC looks forward to is Sports Ball, where all the clubs in the sport union attend a black tie night of dinner, dancing and awards.

    Club Nights

    For the party animals among us, EUEC club nights are not to be missed! Starting with pres at an obliging members flat before moving on to whatever club is the choice of the night, these socials will be the highlight of your week.

    Bake-Off and PJ Socials

    Sometimes we at EUEC just like to kick back and enjoy a horsey movie screening, or the finale of a favourite baking show. Either way pyjamas and junk food are the order of the night, along with the possibility of a nightcap or two.

    Lessons Dinners

    We like to organise nights for lessons riders to go to dinner as its a great way to bond with your fellow riders and enjoy each other's company in a relaxed setting.

    Christmas Meal

    Every year we organise a massive dinner for as many members of the club as possible to come enjoy a meal together before everyone heads home for their Christmas Holiday.

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