• Edinburgh University Equestrian Teams

    Everything you need to know about competing and riding with our equestrian team

    Interested in Joining Teams?

    If riding on teams has sparked your interest, we have a few important dates you should know about. Come get more information from one of our committee representatives at the Sports Fair on the 13th and 14th of September in the Pleasance Sports Hall, and come to our Teams Info Session on the 17th of September @2pm in room 3.01 in David Hume Tower. If you plan on trying out for teams, make sure you keep the night of 25 September free for team trials.

  • How to Get on Teams

    The process we use to select our team members at the beginning of every academic year


    Show Up

    Come to our teams info session to find out if teams are right for you, and to pick up an application.



    Submit an application for team trials, which will ask you about your basic informationand riding experience.



    If your application is satisfactory we will invite you to team trials on the night of 25th September.



    If your trial is successful then you will become a fixture for 2017/2018 Teams, congratulations!

  • Who, What, When, Where, How?

    Answers to some of your questions you may have about our teams.

    Our Coaches

    Dawn Harrison (BHSAI) is our dressage trainer and Karen Lawrence (UKCC Level 2) is our jumping coach. Teams will alternate between jumping practices and dressage practices every other week.

    20 Riders on 4 Teams

    Our teams are separated into an A, B, C, and D team, with each team having 5 riders. Each team will compete in 3-4 competitions, and then if they have qualified they may move on to Regional or National competitions.

    Every Monday Evening

    We practice every Monday evening, driving out in groups of 4 or 5. You must be able to commit to practice every Monday if you wish to join teams.

    Tannoch Riding Stables

    We are incredibly privileged to use the facilities at Tannoch Stables in Cumbernauld. The stables provides our teams with their fantastic selection of horses and ponies, as well as two indoor and two outdoor arenas.

    Facts and Figures

    Training is £25 per session, with approximately 10 sessions per semester, plus a £45 membership fee which covers your club membership and Sports union insurance costs for one year. Competitions are free.

    Horses from a Hat

    One of the most exciting parts of teams is that you get to ride and compete on lots of different types of horses and ponies. When we are competing, we pull the horses we will ride from a hat, and get a short time to ride them before starting our course or test.

  • For the Members

    Already a teams member? Find your fixtures and competition dates below!

    2016/2017 Competition Dates

    A Team

    23rd November, 2016 @ University of Dundee

    18th January, 2017 @ Home

    8th February, 2017 @ University of Stirling


    B Team

    23rd November, 2016 @ Home

    8th February, 2017 @ University of Glasgow

    8th March, 2017 @ Heriot-Watt University


    C Team

    30th November, 2016 @ University of Glasgow

    18th January, 2017 @ University of Strathclyde

    8th February, 2017 @ Home

    22nd February, 2017 @ Glasgow Caledonian University


    D Team

    30th November, 2016 @ University of Stirling

    18th January, 2017 @ University of Aberdeen

    15th February, 2016 @ University of Strathclyde

    1st March, 2016 @ Home



    Team Fixtures for 2016/2017

    A Team

    Captain: Zoe Etherington

    Ida Kornevi

    Ellie Shephard

    Michelle Elizabeth

    Lucy Dobbs

    B Team

    Captain: Millie Ralston

    Hannah Basten

    Molly Butler

    Laura Gould

    C Team

    Captain: Kelsey Bodden

    Charlotte Craw

    Olivia Nolan

    Caitlin Flavell

    Caledonia Bhatia

    D Team

    Captain: Ana Mayne

    Muriel Pym

    Natasha Markem

    Erin Blythe

    Jessica Harbour Friell




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